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FunPlacesToFly.com is a one man labor of love. Launched back in 2004, in the hopes of promoting Aviation, providing information on great places to fly, the latest aviation events, articles on shooting your own videos and a wide variety of related videos.
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How can you help Keep Aviation alive? What can we all do?
It is our personal responsibility as Aviation Enthusiasts to support General Aviation, to keep the freedom of flight as an integral part of our everyday life. Before talking about how to Keep Aviation Alive, we must examine what the average pilot's basic desires are when it comes to flying. What does he or she want?
  • First, and most obvious, is a reason to go flying. Whether it be to go to a local fly-in, or to get fuel, grab a burger, get a soft drink or just visit the bathroom facilities. There's nothing more fun than flying somewhere to fulfill that desire to get into the air.

  • Second, People. Building a network of like-minded individuals. Flying is so much more enjoyable when you can share it others that have same interest. We all love to hang out at an airport with fellow pilots and share flying stories. There is also much to learn from other pilots, as they share their knowledge and expertise on a multitude of subjects.

  • Thirdly, A feeling of belonging. The term "Aviation Community" is not just a pair of descriptive words, but is representative of a vital network of Aviation Enthusiasts with a common interest and a passion for flying.
How can we Keep Aviation Alive? By bringing people together any way we can; whether it be an air show, a fly-in event, a fly-out for breakfast, or just inviting people to fly to your airport for coffee and donuts in your hangar. It doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive. Just provide an opportunity for people to gather and you will see the magic start to happen. These activities will help build a tight network of aviation enthusiasts who will Keep Aviation Alive!
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Aviation Places to Fly Aviation Events Videos News Airport Search

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