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Flight Training Videos and Vlogs!
Here are some of our Favorite Flight Training Videos and Vlogs from various talented Videographers and Photographers.
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FlightChops Gets Float Training! J3 Cub Fun Flying - Landing on Water - Sun n' Fun - FlightChops
Steve gets his first lesson in J3 Cub at Splash n' Goes in Florida. What a way end a fun trip to Sun n' Fun.
Lessons From Flying Again: Radio Communications - MzeroA Flight Training
http://flyingagainmovie.com I think we've all struggled with radio communications at one point or another. In this video I show you a clip of Ariel Tweto and I flying into a class Delta airport.
How To Become a Pilot - MzeroA Flight Training
What does it take to become an FAA certificated private pilot? In this video Jason Schappert of MzeroA.com shares with you some of his best tip to get your journey started off right.
Flying with massive Tundra Tires! + Mechanic Shop change over from Floats - Super Cub - FlightChops
A lot of FUN - not as hard as FlightChops expected despite cartoon proportioned tires!
Landing TBM850 Turboprop - RNAV Approach - PPL / IFR - ATC audio - FlightChops
Watching the pitch change while deploying full flaps was amazing!
Getting Started in Aviation - US Sport Aircraft
The introduction to a video series, "Getting Started in Aviation!" Want to become a pilot but have absolutely no idea where to begin? This series is a great place to start!
PPL / IFR Turboprop Flying - TBM850 - FlightChops
Watch as FlightChops learns to fly a TBM850. Turbine engine start - ATC audio.
Private Pilot Flying an Airliner - Take off and Stall 737-200 full motion Level D sim - FlightChops
Flightchops got the chance to check out a 737-200 full motion Level D simulator.
Mastering Tail Dragger Wheel Landings - AOPALive
Dave Hirschman, of AOPA, says don't think of landing when doing a wheel landing in a tail dragger.
Making 3-Point Landings in a Tailwheel Cub - Garry Wing
A great explanation on what it takes to make good 3-point landings in a Tailwheel airplane. Watch and Garry goes through each step along the way.
The Aviators: Can a Private Pilot Land an Airliner? - TheAviatorsTV
Listen and watch as Anthony Nalli talks about the video they created, featuring a segment on whether a Private Pilot can land a huge Airliner.
First IFR Solo Flight | ATC Audio | Cessna 172 - MrAviation101
Watch as MrAviation101 takes his first solo IFR flight! Congratulations Mr Aviation!

Hypoxia Symptoms and Avoidance - above 12,500 feet - Mountain Flying - NorCal - ATC audio - FlightChops
The insidious threat that is Hypoxia, affects everyone in a unique way. Watch as FlightChops gains important knowledge in flight safety.
Total Electrical Failure at NIGHT - Low time pilot - POV Flying - FlightChops
This pilot's abilities are tested as he faces a serious situation trying to land at night with an electrical failure.
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